The 1150 WMST Staff

Dan Manley
Mornings on Main, Mid-Mornings on Main, Gateway Regional News Anchor, and Sports Director, Special Events



Tom and Judy Byron
Special Events




Tracy Pearce
AM & PM Drive Fill-in Personality, Special Events


Jeff Ray
General Manager of WMST, WKYN, WKCA, and WIVY, Special Events


  Vernice Taylor
Station Manager and Traffic Director

Vernice can be called the director of the show so-to-speak.  She keeps everyone in line with what's supposed to be playing on the air.  She schedules the commercials for WMST, WKYN, WKCA and WIVY and also performs billing and administrative duties.  She is also Elvis's Biggest Fan (Period!).


  Frances Denney

Frances has been with the station since it came on the air in 1957 and has performed just about every job position.


  Bill Hardin
Account Representative and Special Events


    Ron Caudill
Account Representative and Sales Manager


    Hays McMakin
CEO / President


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